Times are tough...OH BOY!!!

This might get long.

Okay, today my boyfriend and I were planning on going to get my nose ring changed. My dad asked me to take his work shirts to the cleaners since it's on the way to the shop. Just when we were getting on the highway, my car starts overheating. FUCKIN OVERHEATING!!!
My boyfriend is a mechanic, so he's all like "Pull this motherfucka ova!!!!", just like that...lol

Right there on the spot, he told me what was wrong with my car. I'm thinking we can just go and get what I needed for my car and go do what we had to do. But instead, we decide to take it to my house. He gets in the drivers seat and we ended driving for 10 seconds and pulling over, over and over again, until we got home.

We got home just in time, and he checked and it was worse than I thought,so it had to be towed.$125 out of my pocket...GAHHHH!

It's super frustrating because My bf and I are both STILL looking for new jobs!!!!! We are not on top of out game right now :(
There was a time that we were both rolling in dough. Now we're just broke and jobless.
We're both in the process of looking for new jobs and cars :)

Here's hoping that something good happens soon
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Finally got to see Ina...

OH SHIT!!!!!!

It's been almost two weeks since I watched my homegirl Ina Garten. I swear I record Barefoot Contessa everyday at 5, and if I don't watch, i'm pissed for like the whole night. Anyway, i've been busy with school. Also,  somebody changed my settings so it hasn't been recording, that bastard. I'll find out who it is, and when I do, it's on Mothafucka!!!!

Ina made brownie pudding, which I am definitely making this week. :)
Nobody knows that I watch Barefoot, except my parents and siblings, and even they make fun of me. :( Everybody else would be like WTF Gabby!!!!!

Who else watches BC???? I know i'm not alone...lol
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School is not really off to a great start for me. I go to the book store this morning and the book I need RIGHT NOW is SOLD OUT!!!!

To top it all off, it's like 0 degrees and windy as fuck! My hands still hurt... :(

I just had to get that off my chest. Off to do the work I CAN get done.
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You goin to SCHOOL??? OWWWWW!!!

So it's about a week and a half into the semester and I'm already tired of school.
This shit happens every single semester with me.
Still haven't gotten all my books.
I just wanna stay home and watch "friends" and "girlfriends" reruns. 
That is all.
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Second LJ, starting all over again. I'm supposed to be all excited, but instead i'm pissed off. Eh, oh well.
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