Okay here's something!

Here are a few pics of this vintage vest my sister got for me. Now, I love vintage, but my sister is OBSESSED with it. I have no fuckin idea where it came from. All I know is that she brought it down from New York when she came home in April.

This vest has become my FAVORITE thing to wear. But it's delicate as fuck! 

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I feel like i'm slacking a bit.
I have this journal, my username is Stylista_11. Clearly that shows that I love clothes and fashion. But i'm so fucking lazy I don't feel like posting anything related to that. lol

I'm always reading about fashion, looking at fashion photography and shit like that. Yet, I rarely actually talk about it.

I think I'll be doing more of that.
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Cookout Yay!

It's memorial day weekend. This is the one weekend when my dad just doesn't give a fuck.

We're having a pretty big cookout and I can't wait it's only 11:51 am and it starts at 4 pm.

That's all...I just felt like sharing :)

Cory Kennedy found me...what.

Cory Kennedy just responded to some old shit I posted on twitter.

I don't even remember when I said it but I think I said she should go away...this was weeks and weeks ago when I first got it, lol

All she said was "no you go away"

Should I respond??? 

Now that I think about it, i'm not even following her! hahaha

How did she find me?

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I'm going Shopping!

It's pretty early in the mornin, but I was just thinking to myself how much I want to go shopping. Last time I went shopping was with my oldest sister to a really huge thrift store in Silver Spring, Maryland. I got two clutches, a necklace, and a denim vest(don't ask why).

I'm trying to figure out where I should go next. I mostly shop online, but I don't have time to wait and pay for shipping. I've always liked urban outfitters. Been going there since I was 14, I turn 20 this year. But what I hate is people who look like they shop there, trying wayyyy too hard. Then there's  Nordstrom, which is really good for jeans and heels. Maybe i'll go to H&M, not sure, I never come out with much when I go there. Or American Apparel, that damn store is tricky. I started going there a few years ago, and all of a sudden, every fuckhead out there has on their leggings, what the fuck? I still go there from time to time to pick up a v-neck or skirt, none of there new fancy shit.

I'll still do some online shopping, just not as much. I love Modcloth, Asos and Vintagepatrol.

I'm really looking foward to shopping next week because I haven't had a real shopping day in a Looooong time, i'm talking November 2007. A day where I just get whatever the fuck I want. I'm excited :D
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Frayed, anyone?


I really need to know. The bf and I watched it today and left going "What the fuck?".

Seriously, we thought we understood what was going on throughout the entire movie then BAM!

My mind is still blown. Somebody help me please!
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I didn't even mean for this to happen, I missed LJ.
What the fuck have I been doing? I'm back this time and not going anywhere :)


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Don't you dare.

Tomorrow is the first day of March, Spring will officially be here soon!!!!!
But why the hell are you getting snow???? Just yesterday it's 60 fuckin degrees outside. What kind of tom foolery is that???

I went to the flea market today with my boy and froze my ass off. All I know is that i'm tired of wearing huge ass coats and gloves and hats and shit. Good God can it just be Spring already? : (

On a happier note, I got my nose ring changed this week!!! I've been putting it off forever.  I wanted a hoop, but I turned into a little bitch and just went with a slightly bigger one.  It feels better to finally get that shit changed. : ) I have a couple pics, just lazy ones...I look kinda fug.